Race Schedule


There are many opportunities and levels of competitive sailing at Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club. Whether you are just beginning to try your hand around the race course or you've competed for years, there are many events to participate in.


We continue to sail the traditional Spring, Summer (Championship), Fall Series, Thursday Night Series, Holiday Regattas, Annual Fleet Regattas, Bridge Races, and we anticipate some new and exciting events as well. Please organize your fleet, your boat and your calendar so we can expect to see you on the water early and often next year.


From early spring to late fall Sundays are race days at SSYC. While occasionally holiday regattas may fall on a Saturday or Monday, Sundays are set aside for the Spring Series, Summer Championship and the Fall Series. The spring series usually consists of 3 or 4 Sundays during the months of April and May. The competitive championship series consists of 21 races and takes place over a period of seven weeks in June, July and August. The fall series occurs over the course of four Sundays in September. Whatever the series, the club fleets are well represented throughout the year. While there are typically fewer boats sailing in the spring and fall, these races offer a great opportunity to get out there, lengthen the sailing season and make the most of the beautiful Shrewsbury River.


The Cruising Class at SSYC races on Thursday nights throughout the summer rather than Sundays. While there an assortment of cruising sailboats, handicap scoring helps keep the diverse fleet competitive. While Thursday nights are low key for most, that is certainly not the case for the cruising class. The fleet captain schedules races around the tides as this fleet requires deeper water to sail and all keel boats are welcome and encouraged to participate.


Below includes the major races hosted at SSYC.  This does not inlcude the Thursday Night Casual Racing or all the Junior Program races.


2018 Notice of Race

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2018 Race Calendar

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