Ship's Store


Show your SSYC pride or buy items for family members! The Ship’s Store is open for business with a full inventory of SSYC items including sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, hats, belts, ties, flip flops and burgees. Please call Kim Clauss at (732) 706-3430 or email Kim at to arrange for purchase.



Navy Hoodie Sweatshirt  $30

Gray Crew Neck Sweatshirt  $22



Navy Crew Neck Sweatshirt  $22



Gray 75th Crew Neck Sweatshirt $22


White Short Sleeve Polo $32

Ladies Pink Striped T-Shirt $25  

Ladies Navy Striped T-Shirt $25

White Adult & Child T-Shirt $13

Flip Flops with Burgee $30

White Lightweight Mesh Cap $25

Navy Lightweight Mesh Cap $25

Navy Burgee Tie $40


Classic Burgee Belt $20

D Ring Burgee Belt $20

Club Burgee $30

Navy Heavyweight Vest $30

Stick-on Burgee $5


SSYC Rocks Glass $10

Ten SSYC Cards $20


Ten SSYC Cards $20